Full Speed Ahead

by Green Waves

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released March 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Green Waves Santa Cruz, California

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Track Name: Full Speed Ahead
I am a rock on which you can stand.
The sheep, my flock, obey my every command.
They fear the dark, but my words comfort and still.
I'll get us through the gates, now you be sure to pass the till.

I don't know if I'm lying or if I do believe.
It's hard to describe exactly what I'm trying to achieve.

Full speed ahead, the engine's running strong. The needle's in the red, right where it belongs. We've got no belts and no brakes, but we're gonna do whatever it takes and we cannot slow down so it's full speed ahead.

And for those that want to live forever, wll here is the treasure that you seek; strengthening the herd by killing of the sick and the weak. And for those that want to make it better well, you can take this to heart: we've got it so pieced together that it cannot be taken apart.

Now we're sailing off to find a distant shore but I can't remember what we're searching for...
Track Name: A Little More Time
Our present circumstance, we never stood a chance, not from the start
But we've fared the weather, and now we're here together,
Those bonds that tether can sometimes break apart,
But we can make a new start if we just

Give it a little more time, take a deep breath and wait for a sign,
And give it a little more time.
Yeah just a little more time, the sun's gonna rise and the stars will align
If we give it a little more time.

And like a patient on the table must let it run the course
Because not every door can be opened by force.
And after one hundred hours when you're left with wilted flowers,
A little time goes on, youstart to feel as nothing's wrong.
It often doesn't take that long...

What's done is done, what's gone is gone.
There comes a time, no reason or rhyme,
And it's time to be moving on.
So gather what you've saved away, this is that rainy day and most of you know will soon be gone.
Though the gravity immense, rely on this last defense...
Track Name: San Antone
One time I was in Houston just barely passing through.
The lawman said I had better keep right on the move.
He said "There's no room in this here town for a rounder like you."
So I headed West for a better place where skies are always blue.

To San Antone, I made my way back to San Antone.

When I was in El Paso I met a pretty girl.
I gave her my love and I promised her the world,
But she said she would rather I left her alone
So I just shrugged, packed my bags and I headed right back home.

To San Antone, I made my way back to San Antone.

And though I am a thousand miles away
Burnt up and strung out on the road
I know the bright lights of this starry night sky
Are shining in the eyes of the one I love
Track Name: Always a Trick
What to do, who to be?
Close your eyes, count to three.
The sun goes down, curtains up, writing's on the wall,
When you'd rather be forgetten than never known at all.

Well now's the time to get on your way, you'll struggle for a bit.
Stick with it and you'll find it's better all the time.
Never find out if you quit that

There's always a trick to it
You'll find out if you stick with it
Never find out if you quit that
There's always a trick to it

Human nature has got us fixed
With laws we must obey;
Smart enough to know we've lost but
Still to proud to walk away.

And isn't funny how it's always greener on the other side?
When you find out it isn't, at least you know you've tried.